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Peter Joseph Announces New Film Project

LOS ANGELES, PRNewswire/ -- Controversial Social Activist and Filmmaker Peter Joseph, creator of the world-renowned "Zeitgeist Film Series," which has been translated into over 40 languages; screened in over 150 countries and seen in total by an estimated 300+ Million people - has announced he is closing his prior socially conscious film Series as a Trilogy - only to launch a brand new film set titled: "InterReflections."

The first of the new series, "InterReflections I" is due for release in late 2015 with a new narrative-based, live-action style. "The new film series is a fantasy style work that takes place in multiple time frames, using the idea of 'hindsight' as a driving motif to inspire the audience to think differently about the world we have today... and the world we could have tomorrow."- Peter Joseph

Peter Joseph, a musician and performance artist who created his first film "Zeitgeist: The Movie" as merely a solo performance work that exploded inadvertently online in 2007, has evolved to researching and giving lectures on culture and ecological sustainability years later. Apart from his ongoing media creations in support of such social issues, he works with a global community of engineers, artists, activists and scientists in this pursuit for a new, more humane social arrangement for all the world's people.

While his prior work explored a vast range of social issues via traditional style interviews with experts, "InterReflections I" leaves the documentary style behind and instead explores an experimental style that encompasses fantasy, abstraction and a mixed film style.

"As a filmmaker, I have changed my view regarding what really inspires people and I feel the 'abstract arts,' - rather than mere cold academic info, hold a powerful place in changing people's worldviews. We can tell people technical data all day long and some will absorb it... but the arts have a mysterious way of sneaking behind people's values and planting seeds for new ideas. I try to walk the line between art and intellect, academia and poetry. "


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